Friday, May 21, 2021

6.5 years for US tobacco smuggler - contrebandier de tabac

It was reported tobacco was bought at about $3 a pound, sold to the processing plants for $10 a pound and then sold for $15 to $20 for 200 cigarette bundles.Phil Caprice Howard, 55, was busted in the US in 2019. He admitted guilt last fall in a tobacco export scheme that lasted 9 years and cost Canadians hundreds of millions in unpaid taxes. Howard did not buy leaf himself, he used middlemen who bought from wholesale suppliers. He then paid truckers to bring the cargo to the Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve. Local smugglers transferred it across the St Lawrence. Hells Angels then transported the product to cigarette factories on the Kahnawake Mohawk Reserve.
Counterfeit cigarettes are a low risk, high reward crime. The prosecution claimed losses of C$600m in federal and provincial taxes in Canada, caused by the 225 deliveries of tobacco. Prosecutors pointed out that organized crime groups are involved in the trade, not just the Mohawk. Globally, tobacco smuggling is huge. 338m smuggled cigarettes were seized at the port of Piraeus, Greece last week. The cigarettes represent 72m euros in lost duties and taxes. The 35 shipping containers labelled “food items” originated from Dubai.
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