Monday, May 10, 2021

Dave Brown whacked in Colombia

David Wayne Brown, 43, died in hospital Friday after he was shot in Sabaneta, near Medellin. Brown was sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle when two people on a motorcycle approached and shot him at least five times. Brown's home was struck by gunfire during a turf battle between the Hells Angels and a local street gang in London, Ont in 1992. A turf war between the Hells Angels and the FU Crew saw multiple biker-linked businesses set ablaze and two people shot. Brown had links to the FU Crew and the Outlaws MC.
Brown’s father, David Brown Sr., was a longtime member of the Outlaws. Father and son were charged with more than 30 offences after London police seized four guns in 2008. The younger Brown was sentenced to 42 months in prison and given a lifetime weapons ban.