Saturday, June 19, 2021

A-Hole Vancouver cop Neil Logan fired - no Thanks to VPD

Disgraced VPD Neil Logan has been dismissed. He was recently disciplined for assaulting a former girlfriend in 2017 and is facing multiple criminal charges. These include assault and uttering threats related to an incident in March 2014; theft, breach of trust and possession of a controlled substance over a May 2020 incident, and two drug trafficking charges. He was also accused of excessive use of force during a 'wellness check' in front of a stunned family in 2016. It was a whooping 8 day suspension for that crime.
A Vancouver police disciplinary proceeding substantiated a finding of misconduct and proposed Logan be suspended for 15 days without pay. A retired judge found Logan had shown an “enduring denial of his misconduct and a complete lack of remorse” and referred to the VPD's disciplinary process as 'the fox guarding the henhouse.'