Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Toronto cops announce largest drug bust ever

20 are facing multple charges after $61m worth of cocaine, crystal meth and pot was seized in Toronto.
“Project Brisa” busted a group of smugglers using trap door compartments in tractor-trailers to move up to 100 kg of drugs at a time from Mexico and California to cities in Ontario.
Trap compartments were extremely difficult to detect and penetrate. X-ray scanning was not able to detect them. 444 kg of cocaine, 157 kg of crystal meth, 427 kg of pot and 300 oxycodone pills were seized. Cops also found $966,000 in cash and seized five tractor-trailers and other vehicles including a Mercedes G-Wagon. Most of those charged reside in Kitchener, Toronto and the GTA. They are facing a combined 182 charges.