Friday, July 30, 2021

Narco banners announce truce

Feuding factions of the Gulf Cartel have announced they have reached a truce and want the northern border state of Tamaulipas to live in peace. The state has a 370 km border with Texas, making it a lucrative location for smuggling drugs and migrants. The Grupo Scorpion, Grupo Metros and Tampico Grupo Rojo factions made the announcement on narco-banners. The groups have been fighting each other over the past decade in a Coyote turf war. It has fueled high levels of violence in Tamaulipas.
Edgar Valladares, a high-ranking leader within the Gulf Cartel, and his bodyguard, Juan Miguel Lizardi, were found dead in Reynosa. They had been tortured and shot. Valladares ordered an indiscriminate killing in which 25 innocent bystanders including taxi drivers, construction workers, children and a nursing student were killed. Cops have arrested a dozen and killed 4 of the men responsible.