Monday, November 1, 2021

Cloned keyless fobs

Thieves using a cloning device to whisk away cars with smart keys off their owner's driveways isn't new. It's usually done in less than a minute and takes a device thats readily available to crooks. Recently in the UK the device was disguised as a game boy.
Thieves can get the signal from your key fob just by standing near your home (relay box technique) or clone it for later use. The device is held near the door handle and the car's locks disengage. The hazard lights even flash as if the real fob was used. The car can be started and driven away in seconds. Luxury vehicles that are sought after overseas are usually the targets. The gadgets are costly: around $25k. There are three recommendations. The first is to use a signal blocking pouch, known as a Faraday Bag. It prevents thieves from cloning your key fob. Another alternative is to turn off the fob's wireless signal, but that depends on the vehicle model. The last is a low tech steering wheel lock.