Friday, November 5, 2021

Power of the Patch = jail time

Jack Shore, 68, is a full-patch of the Winnipeg HA chapter and has been since its inception in 2001. Dylan Hutchinson, 24, is a prospect and David Saunders, 47, a hangaround. They are on trial for B&E with intent to commit an indictable offence in support of a criminal organization. Richard Wonder had been communicating with a woman over Facebook for sex, problem was she was Shore’s girlfriend. ‘Stay away from (her) or else I’m going to come down there and tune you up or possibly kill you" Shore texted. He and his possee showed up on Wonder's doorstep hours later. Cops showed up before the party got rolling. Shore downplayed the fact he was wearing colours, saying he was only there to 'talk'. Prosecutors say the boys in their gang colours is a clear act of intimidation and, by extension, proof of their committing an offence for a criminal organization.