Saturday, November 27, 2021

Roy Demeo

Mobster Roy Demeo oversaw a bloodthirsty crew of killers that was suspected in as many as 200 gangland murders from the 1970s to the early 1980s. Besides bringing in money for the Gambinos, the Demeo Crew also proved adept at murder — and not getting caught. They called it the “Gemini Method” of getting rid of bodies. Unlucky mobsters who “do the Houdini” simply vanished. The death house was an apartment over a joint called the Gemini Lounge in Canarsie, Brooklyn. When the doomed arrived at the upstairs apartment — called the Horror Hotel — they were greeted by crew member Joseph “Dracula” Guglielmo.
Dominick Montiglio testified in court: “Somebody would wrap a towel around to stop the blood and somebody would stab him in the heart to stop the blood from pumping.” “Roy said, ‘We have to cut them up’.

Demeo made his bones in 1973 when he whacked New York porno kingpin Paul Rothenberg.
Demeo kept his tool kit in the flat. Bullet in the head, then dismemberment. Demeo was subpoenaed in late 1982 and by that time Gambino Boss “Big Paulie” Castellano had seen enough. Demeo was lured to a garage in Brooklyn that his gang had used. Crew members pumped scores of bullets into his body, seven of them into his head. Demeo didn’t disappear. His corpse was left in the trunk of his Cadillac.