Sunday, January 2, 2022

Belize sells headache Gulfstream G2 narco jet for scrap

On Nov 27th there were reports of a narco plane landing in southern Orange Walk. The aircraft was formerly a narco jet, it had been confiscated and decommissioned by the Government of Belize two years ago. In January 2020, the narco jet crash landed in the vicinity. The government spent thousands trying to repair the Gulfstream G2 jet and move it. Guards stationed at the site to secure the aircraft had to be paid. The soft soil at the location made it impossible for the Government to extract the jet. Belize decided to sell it to a Belmopan businessman. He ordered his employees to remove useful scraps from the aircraft.
The Gulfstream II (G-II) is an American twin engine business jet. The first Gulfstream II flew on October 2, 1966. 256 were produced from 1967 through 1980. Depending on air worthiness, used ones can sell for $1.5m or less, with the average price running around $2.5m.