Monday, February 21, 2022

Neco Arabaci with ex-Hells Angel Saman B.

A recent summit meeting in a hookah bar in Izmir, Turkey. Neco Arabaci, 50 and ex-Hells Angel Saman B. Saman B. has been in a life and death struggle in Cologne with his former boss Fatih K. The feud recently entered the next round with a near shootout in a shisha bar on Rudolfplatz.
Saman B. (31) is a former Hells Angel from Cologne out in bad standing. The rocker was a professional martial arts fighter. He was feared, but now has become the hunted. He recently narrowly escaped death in an ambush. Angry Hells Angel boss Fatih K. wants Saman B. dead.
On Sept 30 the German state of Hesse banned two Frankfurt-based chapters of the Hells Angels and confiscated their assets. The Westend and Frankfurt chapters were seized under the ban. Each chapter is thought to have around 90 members. Two other Hells Angels chapters were banned in other parts of Germany. Gangs in the rest of Germany remain legal.
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