Friday, February 4, 2022

Photo costs UK gangster 25 years in jail

This photo helped UK cops lasso Umair Zaheer, a 'ruthless gangster' and gun runner who helped plot gangland shootings. Zaheer is beginning a 25 year jail sentence after EncroChat messages revealed his involvement in sourcing guns and drug dealing. The image of Zaheer provided police with a breakthrough as they found the same clothes he had been wearing in the picture. The Louis Vuitton T-shirt, grey top, trousers and trainers were all recovered by cops. His close ally Bilal Khan, 33, was also identified as he posed with the machine gun. Zaheer and Khan were sentenced alongside five other men for firearms and drugs offences.
Zaheer was involved in helping broker deals to sell weapons to other criminals. He arranged a £37,000 deal to sell Uzi and Skorpion sub machine guns, as well as a pistol to Khan.