Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The first narco sub in Europe

Agustín Álvarez, 31, was jailed for 11 years for piloting a narco sub with 3,068kg of cocaine worth an estimated €123m across the Atlantic. The 27 day, 3,500-mile journey from Brazil to Spain made headlines around the world when the vessel was scuttled in a Galician cove on 24 Nov 2019. The vessel’s arrival in Galicia was necessary as fuel ran out and two attempts to rendezvous with cartel boats off the coast failed. Álvarez and two Ecuadorians spent almost a month squeezed into a dank can behind three tonnes of cocaine and 20,000 litres of fuel. Food was energy bars, rice, biscuits and sardines; the toilet a plastic bag.
Cops found 152 bales of cocaine aboard the 20-metre submarine. Seven men went to trial in Spain accused of playing a role in the sailing. The cocaine was destined for the U.K. Its thought the narco sub cost well over $1m to build. Galicia’s inlets have long been a smuggler’s paradise but in recent years drug gangs have turned them into one of the main entry points for Colombian cocaine.
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