Monday, March 14, 2022

End of the line for El Koki

Cops hunted down the most wanted criminal in Venezuela. They finally got their man, killing Carlos Luis Revette, 'El Koki' Feb 8.

Carlos Luis Revete
For six years he ruled Tejerías, the capital of the Santos Michelena municipality, with an iron fist. Cops began in 2015 by taking over Cota 905, a sprawling slum neighborhood in Caracas that Koki and his gang turned into a stronghold.
Cops saw what the gang’s firepower was after 3 days of clashes left 26 dead and 38 wounded.
He left La Cota 905 and evaded capture. El Koki was hiding just two hours from Caracas, under the protection of local gang boss Carlos Enrique Gómez Rodríguez, alias 'Conejo'. For the 300,000 residents of Cota 905, a slum by a freeway in the centre of Caracas, the most powerful man in Venezuela was not President Maduro. It was El Koki and his 200 man army.
Operations of Colombian narcotrafficking groups in Venezuelan territory is well known. The Clan del Golfo, Los Pelusos, Meta Block, and Libertadores del Vichada Block control large swaths of Venezuelan territory, not the dictatorship.