Thursday, March 10, 2022

Favor for NL drug dealer = 30 months in jail

Steven Francis Noseworthy was found not guilty of money laundering while Jonathan Brandon Mahon bought copious time.
Nicklaus Travis, 32, was arrested the day he became involved in a drug trafficking operation. He was a pipefitter with no criminal record until the day in 2018 he agreed to do a favour for a man who was “like a brother” to him, Jonathan Mahon. That favour was to pick up cocaine from a courier and take it to a stash house. Travis was the last and smallest player of Project Broken, an RCMP investigation that began in May 2017. It led to the largest single cop seizure of illicit cash in NL history: more than $840k.
The value of the seizure was $1.4m. 6kg of cocaine; firearms; knives; five vehicles, including a Hummer and a Mercedes Benz; 15 phones; jewelry and designer clothing was seized. Mahon pleaded guilty and received seven years along with Michael Smith. Thomas Brown was sentenced to 44 months. Charlotte Toomey bought 30 months.