Thursday, March 31, 2022

Raids on private Bolivian narco planes, again

On March 27, agents of Bolivia’s anti-corruption police were met with gunfire when they raided La Cruceña aerodrome, just east of the city of Santa Cruz. 38 people were arrested, 66 small planes seized and 29 hangars sealed. Drums of precursors, large-caliber weapons and satellite communication equipment was also seized. This is the third raid on the La Cruceña aerodrome. In July and November 2019, the facility was raided with 15 people arrested and several aircraft seized.
Both times investigations stalled when Bolivia’s anti-narcotics police didn't pursue prosecutions. Poorly regulated private aerodromes like La Cruceña are ideal for drug traffickers. Some 81 private aerodromes are registered in Bolivia where they operate with little oversight.