Thursday, April 21, 2022

Juan Orlando Hernández: Honduran ex-leader extradited to US

Hernández governed Honduras until January. He was put on board a DEA plane for New York. He was arrested just weeks after his second term in office ended. He "partnered with some of the world's most prolific narcotics traffickers to build a corrupt and brutally violent empire based on the illegal trafficking of tons of cocaine".
The head of the DEA called Hernández "a central figure in one of the largest and most violent cocaine trafficking conspiracies in the world". Juan Antonio Hernández, 40, the President's brother was deeply involved in the drug trade. Hernández was so established he even had his own cocaine brand: labs stamped packets with the initials T.H., for Tony Hernández. The president’s brother was linked to a trafficking organization called Los Cachiros. He was sentenced to life last year.