Monday, May 2, 2022

Jamie Bacon accuses bikers of being fags, rats

'These guys are all goofs. They all play all sides of the game. Almost every biker is working with the police. OK. I've seen it bro,' said Jamie Bacon.

“I’ve learned through this that the game is fake bro. It’s all a lie,” Bacon said. He refers several times to his brother’s associates plotting against him. Jonathan Bacon had just formed an alliance with key Hells Angels and some Independent Soldiers when he was whacked in 2011. In the recording, Jamie Bacon condemns gangsters in the alliance, as well as the HAMC and its affiliated Brothers Keepers, calling them hindus and fags. Bacon said that he hasn’t ratted yet but “these thoughts have come in my head in a real way the last couple of months knowing the truth of this life, knowing the truth of these scumbags.” Bacon was first arrested and caged in April 2009.