Sunday, June 5, 2022

Jean-Pierre Huot revisited

In 2018 Jean-Pierre Huot, then 62, was convicted on six charges that his company, Perfection Métal, sold semi-automatic machine guns. He claimed he was making paintball guns — even though they were equipped with silencers. The underground gun factory operated in Montreal and produced high quality copies of the TEC-9 / DC-10 submachine gun.
One of Huot's guns was used in the 2015 attempted hit on Bernard Cherfan.

The crown presented 11 events where the guns were either used in Mob hits, seized during drug investigations or found abandoned in Quebec and Ontario.

Huot's submachine gun was used to execute gang leader Ducarme Joseph in 2014. Huot was convicted on six charges and sentenced to seven years in prison.
In March, cops in Montreal busted drug dealer Ian Smith, 50. Cops seized three 9-mm pistols, ammunition clips, a machine gun, and drugs. Smith was busted for guns made by Huot in 2016 and sentenced to 41 months.