Thursday, June 16, 2022

The mafia killer formerly known as Kenneth Murdock

The killer formerly known as Kenneth Murdock, 60, was sentenced to 13 years for three counts of second-degree murder and extortion after striking a plea deal that saw him take the stand to testify in a heavily guarded Hamilton courtroom in 1999. In court he said his bosses in the Musitano crime family ordered him to kill.

In 1985 he used a machine gun on a man who failed to pay gambling debts. In 1987 he killed John “Johnny Pops” Papalia with a .38 slug to the back of his head. Two months later, he knocked on Carmen Barillaro's front door and shot him dead when he opened it.

John “Johnny Pops” Papalia

Angelo Musitano and Pat Musitano in Sept 1998.
He testified that Pasquale (Pat) Musitano and his younger brother, Angelo, were behind the killings. According to Murdock, the Musitano brothers were fed up with having to pay tribute to the Buffalo crime family. The Musitanos were each sentenced to 10 years and released on parole in 2006. After serving 13 years of his life sentence, Murdock was released on full parole. In 2017 he was returned to prison after two posts on social media. Given another chance, he was ordered to stay off booze and to reside at a specific place approved by Corrections Canada for six months.

Carmen Barillaro
Today the mafia killer lives anonymously, somewhere in Canada.
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