Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Yizhak Abergil - life plus 30 years

An Israeli court sentenced crime kingpin Yizhak Abergilto to three life sentences plus 30 years for the 2003 killing of three bystanders in an attempt on the life of Ze'ev Rosenstein, a rival in the mob underworld. Abergil was found guilty of heading a crime organization with seven of his underlings.

Avi Ruhan
Avi Ruhan, Abergil's right-hand man, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for attempted murder and running a criminal organization. In May 2012, Abergil pleaded guilty to being part of a major ecstasy network. Authorities charged him and his brother Meir with running a huge drug ring in the US. He was returned to Israel to complete his 7 year sentence in 2013. The Abergil crime family was one the largest criminal organizations in Israel until its power waned with the arrests of Yitzhak and Meir. In the 1990s the organization waged a bloody war with mobster Ze’ev Rosenstein and his Abutbul organization. The conflict was tied to a long string of underworld hits and attempted assassinations across the country.
Ze’ev Rosenstein