Monday, July 11, 2022

Gangsters Disciples boss Larry Hoover wants out Florence AdMax, tries again

Larry Hoover, now 71, co-founded the Gangsters Disciples in the late 1960s. Hoover wrote that the feds’ supermax prison in Florence has been called “as close to Hell as possible,” and he agreed. Hoover ordered a murder in 1973 that led to his conviction in state court and a sentence of 150 to 200 years in Illinois’ prison system. There, the feds say he ran a $100m a year drug business. Hoover bought a federal life sentence in 1998. Kanye West visited the White House in 2018 and solicited Trump to support legislation allowing inmates convicted of drug crimes to seek reductions of their prison sentences. On West's list was Chicago gangster Larry Hoover.
Trump signed the First Step Act, allowing gangsters to seek shorter prison terms. Hoover's first attempt failed. Sentenced in to life in federal prison, he’s housed in the notorious ADMAX super-max prison in Florence, Colorado.
A former assistant U.S. attorney who helped prosecute Hoover says it's a “miscarriage of justice” to allow him to benefit from it. If successful and somehow able to escape Florence AdMax, Hoover will be required to serve his remaining state sentence.Hoover's state sentence runs to 2064.
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