Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Jorge Enrique Bazán Aguilar - Gordo Tobi

1,881 kg of cocaine was seized in the northwestern Peru coastal city of Máncora. The drugs were to be moved by a speedboat to another vessel on the high seas. The cocaine was destined for Rotterdam. The seizure was part of a larger operation in which cops busted gang leader Jorge Enrique Bazán Aguilar, 'Gordo Tobi'. A property on Máncora’s Las Pocitas beach used to store and package cocaine was raided. Cops detained four members of Gordo Tobi’s gang and seized a car and four jet skis.

For cocaine to be sourced from both regions, which are 1,350 km apart, is unusual. Peruvian family clans have been expanding and bypassing foreign middlemen. Gordo Tobi’s gang may have been doing exactly that.
Cocaine was sourced in Huallaga, in northern Peru, while some came from the Valley of the Apurímac, Ene, Mantaro and Urubamba Rivers, where most of the country’s cocaine is produced.