Sunday, July 31, 2022

Shahin Behroyan - crooked realtor shot down by high court
In January 2015, Shahin Behroyan decided he would get a $75k bonus, on top of his usual commission. In May 2016, Behroyan’s licence was suspended for one year and he was ordered to pay a fine of $7,500 plus $59k in enforcement costs. He appealed. The council then said his licence should be cancelled for five years, plus a $10k fine. The second disciplinary committee agreed and Behroyan lost his licence. Undaunted, Behroyan lauched a lawsuit in BCSC claming he had been abused.
Behroyan’s professional misconduct was connected with the sale of a $2.7m home in November of 2014.

Teresa Decotiis
By telling the sellers that the bonus was for the buyer’s agent, Teresa Decotiis, and not himself – and that the offer to buy the property was contingent on that bonus being paid, Behroyan’s action constituted “deceptive dealing” and was a breach of his duty to act honestly. Behroyan didn't tell the sellers that Teresa Decotiis agreed to split her commission with him. The judge wasn't impressed ... “Mr. Behroyan cannot now complain that the very process he wanted should be considered arbitrary and unreasonable simply because he is dissatisfied with the result.” Behroyan lost with costs.