Friday, August 5, 2022

Cop sting no defence against extradition

Cops set up Wayne Steven Hollaus with a suitcase containing 26 kg of what he thought was cocaine. Hollaus wasn't the direct target of the DEA. That would be frequent flyer HA David 'Nick' Oliynyk. Hollaus's lawyers cried the ruse "tainted" his rights. They argued other Charter violations, and said he should have been informed of the U.S. investigation. Lawyers also argued his arrest was unlawful. Ultimately, the court sided against him and dismissed the appeal. The trio of judges said there were reasonable grounds for the arrest given what police knew at the time: he'd picked up a suitcase that he thought was full of cocaine. Oliynyk also argued abuse of process, criticizing heinous conduct by cops. He too lost on all fronts in June and is US bound.
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