Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Ferdy Sambo

Officials in Jakarta busted one of the National Police’s top cops for the revenge shooting of a subordinate. General Inspector Ferdy Sambo is a suspect in the shooting of his driver who was involved romantically with Sambo’s wife. The shooting and its aftermath have riveted the Indonesian public. National police operate in Indonesia with almost complete impunity. Sources said that junior officers had been ordered to trample the murder scene, that a CCTV camera disappeared and other attempts were made to obliterate evidence.
Most Indonesians regard a visit from the police as a pending shakedown.
Some 25 cops, including Sambo, were removed from their positions. A western expert states “The police have been a hindrance to business and growth for decades. This scandal is very important in setting a tone of accountability. It is long overdue."