Monday, August 22, 2022

HA Jaimie ‘Jewsifer’ Yochlowitz gets jollies water bombing homeless

HA Jaimie Yochlowitz is bringing eyeballs to the club after posting social media throwing water ballons from a high rise at homeless. Having nothing better to do with his time, for months Yochlowitz posted videos, until his TickTock account was pulled for abuse. Yochlowitz later posted that he had found a new place to live and had moved. “As much fun as it was to drop balloons on the heads, I’m happy to be gone from that neighbourhood,” he wrote.
No doubt 'that neighbourhood' is glad to see the biker go on his way. Conduct this childish is all bad for the HAMC.

The murdered Chad Wilson, left, with the murdered Suminder 'Ali' Grewal, center, and Jaimie ‘Jewsifer’ Yochlowitz.
HAMC standards MUST BE slipping. The Death Head has it's mouth stitched closed. This represents several things, among them keeping one's mouth shut. 'Jewsifer' doesn't seem to get that concept. It is being reported Yochlowitz's remaining social media accounts have since been closed.
Yochlowitz is a full patch of the Hardside Chapter in Surrey.