Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Polo playing aristocrat a hit man

Matteo Costacurta, 38, is accused of shooting an underworld figure involved in a case of extortion in Rome. Costacurta was a member of the Roma Polo Club. The incident started when mobster Alessio Marzani demanded hush money for hiding drugs that belonged to another crime boss and staying silent about it while in jail. To avoid paying €1k per month, Costacurta is accused of accepting a €30k payment to carry out a hit on Marzani.

Costacurta turned to Albanian crime boss Elvis Demce and the two tracked down Marzani.
The judge described Costacurta as possessing a 'malice that seemed to go beyond the economic objectives of his criminal activity'. He is the scion of a noble Venetian family, with the case gaining huge traction in Italy.
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