Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Vancouver cops warn of 11 gangsters

11 gangsters very much ought to be avoided by the public. They are Shakiel Basra: 28. Jagdeep Cheema: 30. Barinder Dhaliwal: 39. Gurpreet Dhaliwal: 35. Samroop Gill: 29. Sumdish Gill: 28. Sukhdeep Pansal: 33. Amarpreet Samra: 28. Ravinder Samra: 35. Andy St Pierre: 40. Richard Joseph Whitlock: 40.

Cops say they are “expecting the violence to continue in the coming weeks and months.” If history is any guide some to many of these men will be whacked, and soon.
Clockwise from top left: Amarpreet Samra, Shakiel Basra, Barinder Dhaliwal, Sumdish Gill, Samroop Gill, and Ravinder Samra.