Monday, September 12, 2022

Daniel Kinahan flees Dubai bolthole

The Irish Mirror says investigators believe the 45-year-old escaped Dubai using a false passport in April. Cops suspect his final destination will be another state in Asia. They say one possibility is Kazakhstan. Kinahan made several visits to the oil-rich state that borders Europe and has firm contacts there. It’s understood father Christy, 64, and brother Christopher Jnr, 41 have also fled Dubai. All three were named as international criminals by the US Department of the Treasury, which placed global financial sanctions on them. They were barred from flying on an American airline, and US companies are barred from doing business with them, anywhere in the world.

Cops believe the cartel, which smuggles millions of euro for drugs into Ireland and Britain every year, is set to break up. The Kinahans can no longer run the operation. Others will step in to take over and will pick up the pieces. The cartel has suffered massive losses of men, cash and drugs.