Friday, October 7, 2022

Israeli mob boss Benny Shlomo killed - update II

4 members of the Jarushi crime family have been arrested for the hit in Azor that killed Benny Shlomo.

Shlomo was pursued and shot down like a dog.
Cops say “he lived within a fortress” at his home in southern Israel “surrounded by walls, he didn’t move without security guards.” “It’s clear that someone set a trap for him, that someone betrayed him and that he wasn’t warned.” Cops think Shlomo’s death was plotted by longtime rival Shalom Domrani.
Benny Shlomo, the head of a senior criminal organization, was shot and killed at a gas station. The suspects began fleeing on foot before carjacking a woman. An offduty cop opened fire at the suspects but they got away unharmed in the stolen vehicle. Shlomo was declared dead at hospital.
Shlomo ran his mob based in southern Israel from his family compound on Moshav Heletz.
Benny Shlomo's organization has been locked in a bloody rivalry with a mob led by Shalom Domrani for years. Shlomo survived several attempts on his life. His brother Shalom Shlomo was assassinated in 2015. Cops expect retaliation.