Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Andrew Sisson - Kiwi Hells Angels Nomads president - Guilty

Andrew Sisson and fellow Hells Angel Scott James Allan were found guilty in the Palmerston North District Court. Sisson’s wife Vikki was in court to hear the verdicts, as well as senior Hells Angels members who travelled to Manawatū for the occasion. Court bailiffs took advantage of the opportunity to get some visiting Hells Angels to cough up for unpaid fines, with the members paying in cash, or else.

Sisson displayed photos of French bulldogs; “five of our little babies” he said. “I would sell each of them for an average of $4,500”. He took payment in cash. That didn't wash, and the jury believed Sisson was the primary meth wholesaler. 'Ses' could be looking at a long stretch. He was convicted in 1999 for conspiracy to supply meth and money laundering.
Hells Angels boss Andrew Sisson says firewood and French bulldogs explain the money cops say he made selling meth. The biker spent a day in the witness box telling a jury how he made cash and his lack of knowledge about the meth ring he supplied. A forensic accountant told the trial there were big gaps between the money Sisson spent and how much went into his accounts. Sisson worked as a tattooist at the 'House of Pain'.
In 2010 Auckland NOW reported on unlawful debt collecting. Sisson was involved in the companies 'Rapid Recovery 2010 Ltd.' and 'Dirty Debtors Ltd.' He tried to steal a Toyota Hilux from an undercover cop in a sting operation. He marched around using a document headed "Warrant to Repossess" to rip folks off. The sting was part of a long-running operation against organized crime and led to criminal charges for three Hells Angels members and an associate. Sisson was also charged with possession of three rifles - a Ruger bolt action .243, a Ruger bolt action .308 and a .22 rifle.