Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Baytowne Hyundai screws Canadians real good

She took her SUV to the dealership in August 2021.
Daryan Coryat was floored when Baytowne Hyundai handed her a $7k repair bill for her 2013 Hyundai Tucson after the vehicle sat for eight months waiting on an engine recall part. The dealership told her the vehicle was ready in April 2022, but the engine light went on the moment she drove it off the lot.
The critical engine part took 8 months to arrive.
She took it back to the dealership, which then charged her for an inspection and quoted her $7,000 in new repairs. When $900 in sales tax was added, the bill came to $7,918.98. The list of things needing repair included the intake manifold, the rear 02 sensor, flex pipe, upstream 02 sensor, muffler, both rear brake calipers, rear brake pads, rear brake rotors, both front brake calipers, front brake pads and front brake rotors. Automotive experts say improper storage by the dealer was the direct cause of problems they are now charging to repair.

Jim Williams, Principal
The bill for repairs is "padded beyond belief. I have rarely seen a case of repair abuse like this one." He says avoid Hyundai and Kia products.

Josh Buys, Service Manager

Sandra Celli, Controller.