Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Ex-detective charged with underage sex-trafficking

Prosecutors accuse former homicide detective Roger Golubski, 69, of conspiring with a local drug dealer to run a sex trafficking operation involving underage girls in Kansas City. Girls as young as 13 were victims of the sex trafficking ring that Cecil Brooks, a local crack dealer, and two other men operated out of an apartment in the 1990s. Golubski, who retired in 2010, is accused of providing police protection in exchange for money and free sexual services.
Golubski pleaded not guilty.
Golubski has been accused of putting an innocent man in jail for 23 years and terrorizing black women for decades. Kanas City paid a $12.5m settlement after a 2008 lawsuit. It claimed Golubski sexually assaulted Lamonte McIntyre's mother and then framed him for murder.