Sunday, November 13, 2022

Head Hunters versus Mongols in New Zealand

A feud between Auckland gangs boiled over into a shooting at the five-star Sofitel Viaduct Harbour. 19 gangsters now face serious charges. 7 of those busted are members of the Mongols, whose Kiwi presence has grown with the arrival of 501 deportees from Australia.
Six Head Hunters members and half a dozen associates have been charged. A senior Mongols member was shot in a strip club this spring. A Head Hunters clubhouse was then riddled with bullets and a garage firebombed. Its said the most recent violence resulted from a biker 'patching over' to a rival.

Written on the wall of the Head Hunters’ clubhouse is a quote from The Godfather that says: “Real power can’t be given. It must be taken.”