Sunday, November 6, 2022

Serbian mob boss Zeljko Bojanic reeled in

Turkish police detained Zeljko Bojanic, a Serbian mob boss, in Istanbul’s Sarıyer district. Wanted by Interpol on an international arrest warrant for drug smuggling, Bojanic is also accused of killing fellow Serb Risto Mijanovic. Cops dug up the courtyard of the villa where Bojanic was hiding. Mijanovic was a member of the Skaljari criminal clan, which has been at violent odds with the Kavac clan since 2014. The Kavac clan was blamed for the murder of Jovan Vukotic in Istanbul in September.
Some 50 people have been killed in the two clans’ war.

Marko Petkovic, 24, was one of the four shooters who killed leaders of the Montenegrin Skaljari clan in 2020, Igor Dedovic and Stevan Stamatovic. The two men were shot dead in front of their wives and children in a restaurant in Athens. In 2015 Petkovic stabbed a man to death in a church courtyard.