Friday, December 23, 2022

TrigglyPuff (Cora Segal) revisited

A girlfriend of the permanent student known to the internet as “Trigglypuff” filed complaints against the journalist who posted video of her friend misbehaving at an April 25, 2016 event at the University of Massachusetts. The woman in the video, revealed to be Hampshire College 'student' Cora Segal, became the center of widespread criticism for her childlike behavior.
Cora Segal didn't actually attend Hampshire College. She attended for one semester and then became a squatter on campus teaching seminars about 'Health and Fat Oppression.'
We can report Trigglypuff now attends University of Wisconsin-Madison.

"Cora is a first year MA student in Gender & Women’s Studies. Her work examines how state and capitalist violence such as borders, policing, prisons, and colonial occupation create what is considered a normative bodymind." Here.