Sunday, January 15, 2023

Daniel Lesin - Ferrari con boy

Daniel Lesin, 24, is not a typical rich kid. He’s not rich at all, and neither are his parents, even though Lesin claimed his father is a Russian billionaire. He lassoed the good life, driving rare exotic cars, and wearing expensive watches and designer clothes. He claimed to have invented gambling software while in college, and his hedge fund father was funding it all. It was all a fabrication, one suckers lapped up with gusto. For four years, Lesin persuaded buyers into giving him huge sums of cash and wire transfers up-front with the promise of a car, but he never delivered anything in return.
Fraudulent Lesin purchase order.
In June 2022 he began selling fake reservation slots for the coveted Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 to buyers across the U.S. and Canada. One buyer even shelled out seven figures for a place in line that didn't exist outside of Lesin's imagination. Lesin was sentenced to 45 months in prison and he forfeited more than $2m in cash. The total traceable funds identified in the court case was $2,270,865.50. Lesin also relinquished nearly $200k in luxury Ulysse-Nardin and Rolex watches, and a Salvador Dali painting. That time doesn't sound like much considering the dope was looking at 20 years for wire fraud.