Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Four years in jail for gangster attack on retired Montreal cop

Sandel Pierre, 21, struck Pietro Poletti with a brick during an attack on the ex-detective and his mother in LaSalle in 2020. He was one of three men who attacked the pair. He bought 4 years.

The crown sought 8 years.
The court noted there was no evidence of a motive for the assault on Pietro Poletti and his mother. Before he retired, Poletti had been an expert on the Montreal Mafia and organized crime for decades. Neither victim required hospitalization.

Mitchaino Bruno, who is affiliated with the Profit Boyz has been found guilty. He was sentenced to 8 years in June for discharging a gun in front of a convenience store in Montreal North. Yadley Deutz Saint Jean, 25 was also found guilty of assaulting Poletti. The two gangsters will be sentenced in June.