Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Ryan Mark Daigneault back behind bars

Ryan Mark Daigneault was awaiting trial on a dozen drug trafficking and weapons charges. He is back behind bars charged with assault causing bodily harm. Daigneault was one of 10 people busted 2 years ago in Project Weaver, a probe of gun and drug trafficking led by the OPP’s biker enforcement unit. The investigation targeted 4 criminal organizations, including the Outlaws in London. Ryan 'Big Red' Daigneault appeared in a London court by video link. He was remanded in custody pending an appearance.
Cops seized 31 guns, 81 grenades, two grenade launchers, 22 other prohibited devices, three explosive projectiles, 98 kg of pot, 16 kg of magic mushrooms, 10 kg of cocaine, more than two kg of hashish, 715 grams of MDMA, 8 vehicles and $130k in cash.
In 2018 Daigneault walked from accusations of plotting a hit on a member of the Hells Angels. While Daigneault was in custody awaiting trial the Hells Angels arranged an assault. They sent the wrong tuffs and Daigneault lived up to his 'Big Red'. The assault failed miserably.