Friday, January 27, 2023

Timothy Craig Durkin - real estate scammer deported

A deportation order against Timothy Craig Durkin was issued Jan. 18. The BCSC ruled that he defrauded an investor of $1m. In 2013, a grand jury in Alabama indicted him and three others for a Ponzi scheme. Durkin moved to Canada a few months before the indictment. His associates were convicted and sentenced to 5 years. US prosecutors dropped the charges against Durkin last year because of issues with jurisdiction and witness availability.
Durkin thought that would work to his advantage. He was wrong.
Timothy Craig Durkin is best known for his fraudulent, six-year legal battle over ownership of the Sooke Harbour House hotel. On April 22, 2021. Durkin filed a lawsuit for defamation and privacy tort against a journalist who busted him. He sued others with no role in the story. The case was eventually dismissed but costs are uncollectible.

Durkin sued Facebook in the summer of 2020 for $50m after a profile featuring his criminal mug appeared on the platform.
In a scathing decision, the judge described Durkin as a "garden-variety bully" who is "entirely unencumbered by ordinary norms of morality, integrity and decency." The judge noted that Durkin swore false affidavits.
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