Monday, February 13, 2023

Gambino mobster Frank Camuso busted in NYC construction kickback scheme

Gambino captain Frank Camuso, 59, was busted with ringleader Robert Baselice, who was vice president of a construction management firm that illegally steered property developers to subcontractors he was conspiring with. Baselice gave inside information about competitors’ bids to his co-conspirators and directed subcontractors to raise their offers to amounts that would allow him to pocket kickbacks. A portion of the payoff made its way to companies owned by Camuso “and his family.”

Frank 'Calypso' Camuso kept a low profile for years. Camuso previously worked for Joe “Joe the Blond” Giordano, a former Gambino capo and close confidant of John Gotti. In 2019 he was fingered in an illegal dumping operation.

Robert Baselice
The multi-million kickback scheme involved several high-rise construction projects in Manhattan.

“Bribery and kickbacks should not be costs of doing business in this City,” DOI Commissioner Jocelyn Strauber said in a statement. “This Indictment shows that construction firms in this City must operate with honesty and integrity or face the consequences.”