Thursday, February 23, 2023

Montreal cops fingered in mafia corruption probe

Two Montreal cops are suspected of warning the manager of a bar linked to the mafia of a bust. Gelato café, located in Little Italy, is controlled by the Lopez family of the Montreal mafia. The clan controls several licensed establishments in north Montreal. Boss is Serafino 'Sergio Lopez' Oliverio. He was the target of an attempted hit Nov 2021.
A party involving a hundred people celebrating the owner's anniversary was in progress before the intended raid. An agent from PDQ 35 noticed the presence of a patrol car from PDQ 27, with two cops on board, parked in front of the Gelato. The two cops from PDQ 27 were not in their area. No evidence was found of a stolen car call they said they received. 28 minutes later the party at Gelato café was over and people were leaving as quickly as possible.
Court documents reveal that in July 2021, a cop saw one of the two officers twice at the Gelato cafe when he was off duty. The Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions elected not to lay charges, however the SPVM confirms it's Internal Affairs Department will conduct a disciplinary review.