Wednesday, March 8, 2023

CCP laundered billions in Italy

In September 2022, the Italian Tax Police (Guardia di Finanza), visited a couple in Brescia, a man and his wife. They had sent to Slovenia and other Eastern European countries 4.5 million euros as alleged payments of ferrous materials that had never entered Italy. Cops decided to dig in the garden, where they found metal drums full of banknotes for a total of eight million euros. Another three millions euro were found buried in the couple’s cellar. All this money had come from China. “Operazione Via della Seta” (Silk Road) involved hundreds of Tax Police agents for several years.
What they discovered is a bombshell. Evidence was uncovered conclusively proving that the Chinese Communist Party routinely cooperates with criminals — the Italian Mafia, Colombia’s drug cartels, and Russian oligarchs close to Putin — to launder billions. The whole operation has been traced back to those who organized it in Beijing and Shanghai: a pool of banks led by the Bank of China, the fourth largest bank in the world and which is a puppet of the CCP itself. The way of sending money to China and taking a part of it back to Italy (or elsewhere) is extremely complicated, and involves real banks in other countries, including in Switzerland.