Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Jay Dobyns reveals HA rules

Jay Dobyns, 61, was working for the ATF from 2001 to 2003 when he took on the persona of Jay Davis or 'Jaybird' and posed as a gun runner and debt collector. "With regards to women, there's a hierarchy that takes place within the gang. There's old ladies who are the wives or girlfriends of members and they're off limits. You better not get caught trying to mess around with a member's wife or girlfriend, because there's a violent price to pay." Dobyns revealed that the bikers can sleep around with other women and that it wasn't an issue when members slept with the same one. "But there's also women who, they move from member to member to member".
He joined the Mesa, Arizona, chapter after staging the murder of a rival biker.
Strict rules come with interacting with other members, and these also come with violent consequences if they aren't followed. When you meet a Hells Angel and you have your sunglasses on, you better lift your sunglasses up and look that person in the eye. "I was told if I had riding gloves on, you better take your riding glove off when you shake hands with a Hells Angel. Never touch a Hells Angel's patch, never slap them on the back. I made those mistakes and I was smacked for it. If you're out bad they will come and take back their cut. They will take back your motorcycle, that's their property in their eyes, and they'll take back tattoos."
Operation Black Biscuit resulted in 55 members of the Hells Angels and its associates being indicted, including 16 high-ranking members of the gang who were indicted on charges including murder, murder for hire, racketeering and drug trafficking.