Tuesday, April 18, 2023

3 piece patch meaning

The 3 piece patch is used to identify a member of a motorcycle club, or MC. A three-piece patch is most often seen as an outlaw motorcycle gang patch. (OMG) It is comprised of a top rocker, a central club logo, and a bottom rocker signifying territory. They are used to convey a very specific message in the biker world. Members of motorcycle clubs are considered to have earned their patch. For a member of the public to wear an unauthorized patch is to invite a physical confrontation because it is considered stolen. The patch MUST BE approved by the dominant biker group in the area. Bikers will take a cut (vest) by force in many cases if it has not been approved.
Wearing a 3 piece patch is exactly the same as claiming membership in an OMG. Patches are earned in stages, over time. A prospect may only wear a top rocker, often with a 'prospect' patch on the lapel. After sufficient time the prospect will be voted into the club as a full member and will then be awarded the club insignia and bottom rocker.

The HAMC 'Death Head' is ALWAYS considered HAMC property. When leaving the club the death head must be returned. This applies to tatoos and jewelry. For a member of the public to display the death head in any form is to invite an immediate beat down.