Saturday, April 29, 2023

Caged Martino Caputo to pay child support

Convicted underworld killer Martino Caputo, 49, who fathered a child while behind bars, has been ordered to pay $3,748 in monthly child support. He is serving out a life prison term after killing Johnny Raposo in 2017. Caputo married and artificially impregnated Robyn Amy Louise Hohmeier while serving his first-degree murder sentence in Collins Bay Institution. He gave her lavish gifts from prison, including multiple pieces of Cartier jewelry, two SUVs, a custom wedding band appraised at $88k, a Versace scarf and a Rolex watch worth $20k.
Caputo argued he is not a bookie while in prison. “There is no ‘vig’ involved in his activities,” the judge quotes his lawyer as saying, referring to the “vigorish” — the fee a bookmaker or sportsbook charges a bettor for placing a wager. “He participates in legal betting with other inmates at Collins Bay. The inmates use the odds from the TV station and have friends or family on the outside transfer money into and out of their bank accounts.”

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