Monday, May 1, 2023

Bail hearing for Prince Albert drug kingpin Jim Lakatos goes poorly

Jim Lakatos, 34, is charged in connection to Prince Albert’s biggest drug bust. He was sitting at a table counting $34k when cops busted down his trailer door. Cops landed 31.2 kilos of cocaine at the Whispering Pines trailer court, along with $55,000 in cash, handgun ammunition and drug trafficking paraphernalia.

Bail was denied after it was found Lakatos’s release would pose a risk to the public, with the judge adding he had no confidence Lakatos would not re-offend.
Also busted is Spencer Evans, 27, Santana Foulds, 28, and Gordon Greer-Vandale, 30. A warrant has been issued for Dean Marchand, 31. The bust was 3 times larger than the previous record.