Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Boss Bartolo Bruzzaniti busted

Business was going well for Bartolo Bruzzaniti, 47, a member of the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta who had become part of Raffaele Imperiale's network. Bruzzaniti wrote in encrypted chats: «No problem, Milan if we have the price I'll take the city and all. Don't worry, we'll send them to board. 70 percent of Milan have all been friends of mine for 30 years » Bruzzaniti, known as "Gargiazza" was heir to the 'Ndrangheta families of Africo (Reggio Calabria). The international brokers Raffaele Imperiale and Bruno Carbone made shipments from Holland of 300 kilos of cocaine per week.
Raffaele Imperiale and Bruno Carbone
Things ended poorly for Bruzzaniti when he was busted May 5, 2023. 645 kg of cocaine, 240kg of hashish and 30kg of ketamine was seized. Milan is the epicenter of international cocaine trafficking, with the men of the 'Ndrangheta confirming themselves as true leaders of the drug trade. An 'Ndrangheta-Camorra joint venture. The drugs arriving from Holland were stored in the warehouses of Gerenzano (Varese). The other clans in Italy and in Milan were supplied, including one led by Davide Flachi. Bruzzaniti said on wiretaps: "Milan is rightfully mine". 40 mafioso were busted.