Monday, May 15, 2023

Chicago mob hit man Nicholas Calabrese dead

Nicholas Calabrese, one of the Chicago's most notorious mobsters and the most important mafia rat in Chicago mob history, is dead. He was 80. Details aren't available for a reason. Calabrese entered witness protection after he began cooperating with prosecutors before the Family Secrets trial in 2007. Calabrese testified against top mobsters that included his brother, Frank Calabrese Sr., who he claimed committed the majority of the murders with him. Despite killing 14, Calabrese, who was 64 at the time, balked at being called a serial killer. “I am a killer,” Calabrese said on the stand. “I am not a serial killer.” For turning rat, Nicholas Calabrese was spared life in prison, but he did serve a 12 years under special federal protection. Nicholas Calabrese wasn’t the only family member to testify against his own at the trial. Frank Calabrese Jr., not only testified but wore a wire to record his hitman father.
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