Monday, May 1, 2023

Lewis Kasman - Gotti rat

At Mizner County Club, Lewis Kasman is known as the man who refused to wear a jacket at a Hanukkah dinner in December 2018, spawning long running litigation that upheld the right of the club to revoke his guest privileges. What residents at the high-end country club didn't know is that Kasman was once an integral part of boss John Gotti's operation. He was known as the adopted son of the mobster. He agreed to wear a wire to record conversations with top mobsters. In exchange, Kasman was spared prison time in 2010 for racketeering and fraud. Kasman is the former right-hand man to John Gotti.
Kasman brought down a host of top mobsters, including Peter Gotti and capo Vincent Artuso.
Kasman said Gotti's operation brought in between $500k and $1m per month in cash from construction and garment rackets, extortion, loans, gambling and drugs. He sought a deal to put him in witness protection but that deal fell through.

He moved to Delray Beach to live with his mother at Mizner Country Club. During much of his stay there, he was involved in a long series of lawsuits alleging that lawyers failed to properly represent him and his wife in a contentious divorce. He lost them all.
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